Focus on your core, while the web is my playground

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A website is not just a website, there is always more to it. For each project, it's own solution and that is what I try to achieve.

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Arne made the perfect website for me within hours. With a few clicks, he showed me how to work with my website so I can do the majority of maintaining it myself. Even now after having my company move to New Zealand, I can still count on him for my website.

We already had a rough idea of the needed structure. But Arne has brought our idea in terms of both content and technical to a higher level. Furthermore, lot's of appreciation for the fast work, his initiative, thinking along with the customer and the smooth communication.

Easy contact, correct processing of all information, creative.

Pommelien Vandenbroecke, Picaboo Pictures

Bram De Muynck, University College Howest (Howest onderneemt)

Lena Vantyghem, Creahuys Webshop

About me


I'm Arne Ameye from Belgium, living in Kuurne and also in Mechelen. On top of that I've been living in Bruges and Barcelona before. That's the great stuff about this, I'm a digital person, I can work from practically everywhere. Additionally I get inspiration and perspectives from having lived in those different locations.

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I've been studying a bachelor in (International) Business which gives me insight in the processes and running of a business and it's networks. Now I'm studying Interactive Multimedia Design. There is both design & development and the focus extends across all screens. Time to blend all these skills and make sure we use the web as our playground while you focus on your core business!

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