Focus on your core while the web is my playground.

I'm versatile.



Based on your needs, I can make anything for you with HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP and more.


Most of my clients go with WordPress. It gives you a nice dashboard and editing capabilities.


Let users find you on Google with SEO. Target your audience with ads through SEA.

i'm approved.


Arne made the perfect website for me. With a few clicks, he showed me how to work with my website. Even now after having my company move to New Zealand, I can still count on him for my website.
Pommelien Vandenbroecke
Pommelien Vandenbroecke
Picaboo Pictures
Arne had been a customer for years and I thought it was obvious to talk to him about how I wanted my new website. He knew immediately how to build the desired result. Professionally recommended!
Hannelore Dupon
Hannelore Dupon
Arne has brought our idea in terms of both content and technical to a higher level. Furthermore, lot's of appreciation for the fast work, thinking along with the customer and the smooth communication.
Bram De Muynck
Bram De Muynck
University College Howest (Howest onderneemt)

nice to meet you.

About me

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I’m Arne Ameye from Belgium. I love figuring out how the web works. Always drawn back to my keyboard to try out new stuff and create solutions. Focusing on development but also trying to keep an eye out for design!

When not coding, you’re likely to find me doing some longboarding or i’m traveling. Next up: Coding on a longboard while traveling? 👀 👊 😅

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