FVN Schrijnwerk

FVN Schrijnwerk is a joiner. He does lot’s of amazing stuff with wood. However it doesn’t stop there. His portfolio also consists of allround projects, renovations and garden & outdoors. Did I mention he constructed his own house? He just handles it all fine!

Frederik was looking for a new logo and a website. He was doing great on the customer prospection but felt like he wanted an online presence and a place to show of his own work. Also the logo was just not exisiting and for a brand this is important.

An initial logo concept was submitted to me on paper. Meant for use on the website, businesscards, small variations and a first quick impression, it was a rather busy and too detailed version. However it was very informative and he expressed his value for it. I decided to make it work where it would have it’s advantage. This version was digitalized to be printed on the canvas bound to the construction fences where it is large and can contain the detailed artwork and services he does.

Then I decided to come up with my some designs of my own inspiration to be used on the website, businesscards, clothing, …
A smaller, clean and fast to recognize logo. The final choice landed on a wooden house frame build up from the initials of his businessname. Check it out on the website!

Finally the modern and clean looking website has some diagonal angles in the design to resemble the wooden frames in his work. The website also gives him the possibility to show off his work, tell his clients more about how he cares about ecofriendly construction and receive project requests.

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