Smashing Magazine Wallpaper

Smashing Magazine Wallpaper

During my first weeks at my bachelor in IMD (Interactive Multimedia Design) I had to start using Adobe Illustrator. This program lets designers make digital drawings. Very useful for logo’s, icons, art and wallpapers. As part of the assignment to learn Illustrator we had to enter the Smashing Magazine Wallpaper contest.

Smashing Magazine has monthly competitions where designers can send in their work to be displayed as one of the wallpapers of the month. You choose a theme which is usually connected with the month / time of the year. And then you start brainstorming, sketching, drawing until it’s finished to bring it to your computer for the digital drawing process.

A Smashing Magazine Wallpaper always consists of a wallpaper with a calendar and one without. I chose to display my calendar version on my portfolio but if you want the exact same wallpaper without the days of the month, send me a message, i’ll be happy to provide you a copy!

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