KSA Leiezonen Kuurne

Every saturday afternoon I do volunteery work at the local youth club. Children of all ages divided in groups per 2years come to the playground and youth center to get an afternoon full of outdoor and indoor games. After some years being an animator there and also getting interest in webdesign, I decided to update our old and outdated webpage.

Information had to be updated, looks had to be modernized and while we’re at it… time for responsive pages that look good on mobile devices. I decided to learn WordPress, HTML and CSS and start discovering how all this works.

The initial design did well, it was an improvement but I had grown a bigger interest in the web. This together with my digital marketing classes that year in a business bachelor led me to the decision for another bachelor in webdevelopment.

The site has been redesigned after my first months in this new bachelor with all my improved skills and knowledge!

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