Cuerne B&B

A local Bed & Breakfast in my hometown started their story not so long ago. Cuerne, based on the old town name of Kuurne. They needed some visibility for their newborn project.
The first stage was just an informative website that included the plans, the concept style, contact details and a blog that exposed their building progress to the world.

Fast forward a little less than a year later and they we’re ready with the renovation of the house. I was given the honour to do the 2.0 version of the website. The one for the business going live where they can promote their rooms, show pictures of the great decorative style complementing Kuurne’s flax history.

They decided to use the process instead of a custom solution. No problem, we can still integrate this into a customizable website for them. All info is editable by themselves. Ever in need of a change in a room detail, the services, food & part, practical info, ….?
They just edit that visually, it’s all about user experience and not losing time when you rather focus on your reservations!

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